Anti-fraud and Compliance eLearning programs

Deloitte Forensic’s Fraud Preparedness Training Programs offer organizations the flexibility of customized modules on a web based platform to help them comply with regulatory requirements pertaining to fraud risk management, misconduct and non-compliance.


Deloitte India Forensic’s Procurement Fraud risk tool

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Deloitte India Forensic’s Fraud Risk Score Tool


Thought Leadership

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Deloitte Confidence

Our bundled e-learning solution to help you manage the risk of fraud confidently

Confidence is Deloitte India’s new low cost – high value fraud risk management module tailored to help you tackle fraud with confidence. Deloitte Confidence addresses four fundamental facets to tackle fraud - developing anti-fraud policies, training relevant stakeholders on matters associated with compliance/ fraud risk, providing a vigil mechanism for employees/ relevant stakeholders to voice their concerns and a periodic fraud risk assessment of functions/ business processes.

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